Fighting for mental illness, veterans, PTSD and challenged youth

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Fighting for mental illness, veterans, PTSD and challenged youth


The EnduranceLeaders Foundation (eLF) provides healing through MUUVment & Community to those suffering from the worlds 3rd largest disease the invisible injury of depression forecasted to be 1st by the WHO by 2030.
Let’s MUUV, Explore & Heal Together

eLF Focuses On

Mending Invisible & Visible Injuries

Raising awareness and providing funding to national and global non-profit organizations that provide high quality programming to Military and Civilian adults with visible and invisible injuries, disabilities, and life challenges along with youth and teens enduring similar challenges.

Dream Endurance Adventure Travels

Hosting Dream Endurance Adventure Travel around the globe for these populations giving selected individuals rare opportunities of a lifetime to push their mind and bodies to achieve limitless potential and enjoy the benefits of doing so with a community of support and encouragement surrounding them.

Raising Awareness

Utilizing media to raise awareness to the devastation across our globe that Mental Illness is having by tapping into the heartfelt life stories of courageous individuals along with their participation in the eLFoundation’s Dream Endurance Adventure Journey programs.

Where each donated $ goes

The funds donated to the eLFoundation are distributed as follows with half the funds going out and half the funds remaining in the non profit for our own programming and mental illness awareness advocacy work.

  • $0.10 goes to non profits

    That wounded warriors have created or civilians with disabilities have created like two time double amputee Kona World Championship finisher, Scott Rigsby’s foundation and Master Sergeant Cedric King double amputee multiple marathon and triathlon finisher’s foundation

  • $0.10 goes to camps for kids

    With disabilities and serious illness like Camp Twin Lakes, and their fitness fundraiser spinforkids.org, a foundation our founder has been a lay leader of for almost a decade.  The 10 cents is in honor of the 10k kids in need they serve each year.

  • $0.10 goes to other causes

    That support suicide prevention like activeminds.com that build chapters at college campuses across the country. And a new program called the CWAI (college warrior athlete initiative) a fitness and nutrition program launched fall semester 2016 by the Boston College’s Cornell School of nursing with the support of the eLF. This program is planned to launch across the U.S. over the next five years.

“Endurace Leaders Foundation has given me the trip of my life out of friendliness and kindness. My prayers are with you.”

– Ron Toland, Vietnam Era Veteran

“I was able to do my wheelchair penguin hop in Punta Arenas Chile and camp in Antartica along with Laura and my mom. And within weeks of walking I flew from the the Mayo Clinic to Dubai with eLF!”

– Sam Tullis, Nationally ranked youth triathlete and the only fully recovered intero virus survivor

Get involved

eLFoundation is always looking for people willing to volunteer or donate resources to make this cause each day bigger and reach more people affected by invisible and visible injuries.

Get involved! We and our beneficiaries will thank you!

eLF Beneficiaries

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